School Renaming Task Force Meeting 5 Update

On November 17, the Corvallis School District School Renaming Task Force met virtually for meeting #5. The task force has reviewed 140 suggestions for school names and has reviewed all suggestions using the criteria specified by the Corvallis School Board (see below). At their meeting, the task force discussed the names that met the criteria, and through discussion and analysis, a list of names is beginning to emerge.

At their next meeting on December 1, the task force will compile a list of names under consideration which will then be made available to the public for comments, student, and family input at the three schools. Additionally, the draft list will be shared with the District Equity Leadership Team Advisory committee, Students Advocating for Equity group, and local tribal resources for further input. The list of names will be available on the district website and open for public comment using the online form between December 3 through December 14.

The task force members are required to provide recommendations of names for the three schools (Husky, Jaguar, Wildcat Elementary Schools) that meet specific criteria:

  • The social justice implications of the history, work, and representation of any figure for whom a school is named should be fully explored and understood. Additional weight in recommendation should be given to figures who valued and worked for social justice in their lives. Those that intentionally perpetuated white dominance (i.e. slaveholders, racist and /or anti-Indigenous views, etc.) will not be considered.
  • Women who have made inspirational contributions during their lives should be given additional weight in recommendations to remedy the lack of representation among current school names.
  • At least one school in Corvallis should have a name that honors the local Indigenous people chosen in consultation with the two local Tribes.
  • At least one school in Corvallis should have a name that honors the community’s connection to place.
  • View the Corvallis School Board Resolution 20-0801

Meetings are held virtually and are not open to the public but meeting notes and presentation materials are available to the public on the district website.

If you are interested in submitting a suggestion or comment to the task force, please complete the online form available HERE. This form remains open for general comments and feedback on the draft list of school names. (The list will be available on December 3.)