Superintendent’s Update

Long Rang Facilities Plan Highlights

Shared with the Corvallis School Board during the January 11, 2018 meeting.

Tonight we come to the point of asking you to take a final vote on the long range facilities plan. While funding for all projects may not be the final result, I am energized by what this plan represents.

I want to make sure that we continue to keep students at the center of our decisions regarding our facilities plan. Our work as a public institution is to support each student’s educational journey, remove barriers they face, and provide personalization whenever possible.

I am energized by the possibilities for our students that are reflected in this plan and as we proceed through the process and move into the project design work, I am committed to inviting student and staff participation as they provide important perspectives on our school environments.

This is a plan that touches all schools.

The plan includes significant safety enhancements including site access, seismic safety, intercom and video systems. The temporary modular classrooms will be retired and replaced with permanent classrooms added to the school building and infrastructure upgrades including heating and cooling systems, plumbing, and lighting will be completed throughout the district.

Embedded in the plan are the five core values articulated in 2016 by our district Innovation Team. Those values include adaptability, including our multi-purpose dining commons; inclusivity, through spaces for specialists to support individual student needs; community, in our student and family support spaces; real-world learning, in our career and technical education spaces at our secondary schools; and relationships, in our collaborative spaces.

Again, I am most excited about the improvements that will enhance our educational programs. We have incredible teachers and staff members that utilize strong instructional practices to support our students. Enhancing spaces that support these practices will continue to support the growth of our students and move our school district forward.

Ryan Noss, Superintendent

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