Bond Update: College Hill Neighborhood Meeting #2

A second College Hill Neighborhood meeting will be hosted by representatives from the Corvallis School District to review the planned improvements for the Harding Center/College Hill that are part of the $199 million facilities bond approved by voters in 2018. The first neighborhood meeting was held on June 7  to allow for community input on the current site plan. 

The meeting will be held Thursday, July 22, at 7:00 pm via Zoom.

The currently planned improvements at the Harding Center/College Hill include expanding the drop off drive and its associated parking, adding a basketball court, adding a covered outdoor work area, new bike parking, relocating and adding greenhouses, expanding the urban farm area, adding a multi-use path along the unimproved section of NW 33rd Street, interior building renovations and ADA accessibility upgrades. These changes will be subject to a Historic Preservation Permit that will be reviewed by the Historic Resources Commission and a Conditional Development Permit that will be reviewed by the Corvallis Planning Commission.

Property owners and neighborhood associations near this project were notified and provided with details about logging in to the meeting. If you are interested in attending, please contact the Facilities and Transportation office at 541-757-5877 before 5 pm on July 22.

Information and updates are available on the district website bond page at the following link: