Boundary Review Task Force Finalizes Recommendation

The Boundary Review Task Force (BRTF) met nearly weekly from early December 2019 until its final meeting on March 3, 2020. Their charge was to submit a recommendation to the Superintendent for adjusted boundaries that would balance enrollment across middle schools and prepare schools for growth. Meeting notes and materials were published to the District website following the meetings as soon as they were available.

The final meeting was held on March 3, 2020, and a boundary adjustment recommendation was finalized. This recommendation includes a larger portion of the Jefferson boundary area shifting to the Cheldelin/Crescent Valley boundary area.

Superintendent Ryan Noss attended the meeting to listen to the final discussion and will prepare a report for the school board based on the task force recommendation. His report will be presented at the March 5, 2020 school board meeting. Public comment is available at the meeting. For those who wish to provide input at the meeting, please arrive before the 6:30 pm meeting start time so you have time to complete the public comment card. The school board will discuss but will not vote on the boundary adjustment recommendation until the April 9, 2020 meeting.