Facilities Planning Process Continues This Month

Facilities Planning Committee Updates

The Facilities Planning Committee met on November 8 for Workshop #7: Incorporating Community Feedback. The workshop included a brief overview of results of community polling completed in September, highlights of feedback received at community information night meetings in October, and updated project costs.  The draft plan was reviewed by a third party estimator and total costs for the draft plan were revised from $178.5 million to $185.3 million. Additionally, based on community feedback, several options for additional projects at Franklin K-8, Hoover Elementary, and Mt. View Elementary were presented to the committee.

Since polling results indicate support for a facilities bond levy rate of $2.00 per $1,000 of assessed value, the committee was asked to assume that levy rate as a starting point. Superintendent Noss provided current financing projections at that rate over 20 years with a step down of $0.25 or $0.50 after 15 years, resulting in a total bond revenue of $197 million and $191.7 million, respectively. The step down is commonly used on school facility bonds to allow flexibility at the end of the life of the bond. Committee members were interested in exploring a levy rate structure that would last the full 20 years with no step down which would result in total bond revenue of $204.6 million. The full meeting presentation is available HERE.

The committee had an opportunity to review the new school concept plans and provide feedback. The most strongly supported changes included the replacement of Hoover Elementary with a new school and additional site improvements at Mt. View Elementary. Additionally, there were many comments about addressing potential growth in the district. A number of committee members would like to have a better understanding of the cost/return of investing in aging elementary schools such as Jefferson, Adams, and Wilson vs. building new schools. These topics will be addressed at the November 28 meeting.

Background information about the planning process is available on the Facilities Planning Committee Workshops page. There you will find meeting agendas and materials for all meetings.

Workshop #8: Finalizing the Plan will take place November 28, 6-9 pm at the Western View Center, 1435 SW 35th St.

Sustainability in the Facilities Planning Process

For those interested in sustainability in our school buildings, all are welcome to participate in the Long Range Facility Plan Sustainability Workshop to help identify our top priorities for sustainable buildings in our district. The meeting will be held Monday, November 20, 2017, 3 – 6 pm at the Western View Center located at 1435 SW 35th Street, next to the district’s main administration office.

We will discuss how we can model sustainable practices and focus on energy reduction, water conservation, green building practices, and more. Attendees will brainstorm ideas and then have time for discussion about these ideas. We will use the last hour of the meeting to prioritize sustainability goals that will be integrated into the Corvallis School District facilities plan. This meeting will be facilitated by Facilities and Transportation Director, Kim Patten. Questions may be directed to Ms. Patten at kim.patten@corvallis.k12.or.us or by calling 541-757-3853.