Additional Resources for Students

In our district we recognize that immediate basic needs must be met before children and families can reach their higher goals. Students can't be expected to concentrate when they are hungry. We are committed to providing resources that help all students be successful in school and we do this by providing resources to meet basic needs, removing barriers to education, and fostering self-sufficiency in a collaborative and empowering environment.

Welcome Center

Opened in late 2017, the Wellness Center is a collaborative program with Casa Latinos Unidos de Benton County. The center is a resource for youth and families who are in need of help, or who might be homeless. The goal of this program is to provide a safe place where families, especially those navigating poverty, can access school district and local services. Supplemental food, hygiene items, and school supplies will also be available at the center. To learn more about Casa Latinos Unidos de Benton County please visit their webpage at


1435 SW 35th Street, Corvallis (Western View Center)
Phone: 541-766-4819

Homeless Education Program

This district-based program provides help with basic needs, crisis intervention and advocacy, and essential support services to homeless children and youth and their families throughout our schools.  Immediate supports are provided so that a child can attend school regularly and so parents can be engaged. Clothing, food, transportation to/from school, and school supplies are available.

We are committed to treating youth and families with integrity, compassion, and respect. If you are in any of the following situations (with or without parent or guardian) we can help.

  • Living on the street, camping, or in a car
  • Couch surfing
  • Living in a shelter
  • Living with friends or family due to a hardship
  • Runaway
  • Not enrolled in school for any reason
  • just in need of help

We can help with:

  • Emergency food
  • Laundry cards
  • Personal hygiene supplies
  • Clothing/shoes
  • Bedding
  • Medical & Housing Referrals
  • After School Activities
  • Transportation
  • HS Diploma/GED Tutoring

Weekend Meal Program

Piloted in 2014, the weekend meal program provides access to food for students that do not otherwise have access. Also called “back pack meal program”, this service does not replace TANF (food stamps) or the food bank, our weekend meal program is targeted to provide food to children over the weekend with meals that they can prepare on their own if necessary.

As of October 2017, 120 students are receiving weekend meals through this program. Student participants are referred through the school office for this program.

Community Partners and Donations

These programs are primarily dependent on community donations and support. We are grateful for continuing support from the following community organizations:


Assistance League of Corvallis

Boys & Girls Club of Corvallis

Caring Hands

Community Outreach, Inc. (COI)

Corvallis OddFellows

Corvallis Rotary

Corvallis Kiwanis Sunrisers

Jackson Street Youth Services

LOVE, Inc.

Donations (cash and supplies) are welcome and may be made through the Corvallis Public Schools Foundation.  To make a donation online, go to: