The school district's budget process is an ongoing annual system requiring the input of the school board, district administrators, many staff members, and the public. Once a budget is adopted, it becomes the financial framework of the district's activities during the fiscal year.

Budget Cycle

Finance staff develop projections for each type of revenue the district receives. Individual school budgets are allocated on the basis of each school’s projected enrollment, weighted by a factor for poverty and for the number of students recommended for academic interventions based on learning benchmark screening. Each school and district department is responsible for developing their budget for staff, supplies, and equipment within their allocations. The school and department budgets are then collapsed into the district’s recommended budget.

After months of preparation, the superintendent presents a proposed, balanced, budget to the budget committee, comprised of the school board and seven citizen members. The budget committee reviews the proposed budget and receives public testimony. Based on public testimony and other input, the budget committee can make revisions to the budget.

The budget committee concludes its work by recommending a budget and a tax levy. The recommended budget then moves to the school board for final public input and adoption by June 30. The district then operates within the adopted budget for the next year.

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Budget Documents

Current and historical documents are linked below. If you are interested in reviewing documents for prior years, please contact the Financial Services office.