Board Liaisons

Staff planning meeting

Superintendent Committees

Facilities/Bond Oversight Committee

Board Liaison: Terese Jones

One board member is the liaison to a 7-person committee. The Bond Oversight Committee will actively monitor the Corvallis School District bond program to ensure bond revenues are used only for purposes consistent with the voter-approved 2018 bond measure and consistent with state law.

The committee will meet quarterly to review reports produced by the district each year the bond proceeds are spent in order to assess general compliance with the bond measure approved by voters. View the Bond Oversight Committee page.

Special Education Advisory Committee

Board Liaison: Tina Baker

District administrators work collaboratively with Special Education Advisory Committee (SEAC) parent leaders to develop agendas and topics for discussion. SEAC includes parents of students receiving special education services, who provide information about the needs of students and families, and ways to improve services for students; all parents of students receiving special education services are welcome to “sit at the table” and participate in committee meetings. The parents self-select their chair and secretary. District staff ultimately make any decisions; there is no involvement by the full board as it is an operational matter.

Technology Advisory Committee – temporarily on hold

Board Liaison: TBA

This committee advises the technology director on technology-related matters that impact students, staff, and families. Committee members serve as informal ambassadors for the district’s technology initiatives. They share and discuss best practices in instructional, administrative, and operational technology, as well as future trends in technology. District staff ultimately make any decisions; there is no involvement by the school board as this is an operational matter.

Superintendent Work Groups

District Finance Work Group

Board Liaison: Vincent Adams

Two board members meet occasionally with the finance and operations director and other budget staff to review complex financial information that will be shared with and/or considered by the full board. It’s a way for the board to have some “educated” members, who have asked their questions or those they believe will likely be asked by more board members, and be prepared to help their fellow board members understand what is before them. This work group also reviews applications for the citizen members of the budget committee and then the finance director submits a recommendation to the full board.

Board Liaisons to Other Agencies

Corvallis Public Schools Foundation Board of Trustees

Board Liaison: Sarah Finger McDonald

One board member attends Foundation board meetings and functions.

Linn Benton Lincoln Education Service District Budget Committee

Board Liaison: Sarah Finger McDonald

One board member represents the district at committee meetings and for approval of the ESD budget.