Board Norms

The Corvallis School Board also has Board and Superintendent Working Agreements, which provide guidance regarding meeting operations and communication.

Focused Use of Meeting Time

  • Start on time, use time wisely, and end on time.
  • Allow all members time to express themselves without feeling rushed by:
  • Utilizing the phrase, “I agree with_____” to avoid repetition of the same ideas and points.
  • Balance Board members’ speaking time.
  • Be succinct to maintain opportunity for all to express themselves.
  • Engage in relevant and topical discussion.
  • Utilize “Committee/Board Member Items” monthly agenda time to provide updates to the full board regarding the work of District committees.
  • Allow moments of silence between commentaries to provide time to consider the discussion.

Orderly Procedure

  • Effectively employ parliamentary procedure to facilitate a smooth meeting.
  • Regulate input and comments from the public to the time allotted for public testimony to maintain equal opportunity to speak.

Consider Staff and District Capacity and Resources

  • Be cognizant of scarcity of resources and time when requesting action from staff.
  • Assess whether a majority of the Board can benefit from particular information from staff before making the request for it.

Respectful Deliberation and Conversation

  • Actively listen to those sharing their points of view, to facilitate full understanding and the possibility of changing viewpoints.
  • Vocalize what another individual’s statement has helped you learn or reconsider.
  • Facilitate focused, open conversation.
  • Strive to value all opinions.Refrain from deriding others’ ideas.