District Charge Policy

Oregon law requires school districts to provide a complete meal to any student who wants one, regardless of whether they have money in their meal account. No student will be refused a complete “reimbursable” breakfast or lunch. Charges will be applied to the student’s meal account and payment is expected promptly.

However, students cannot charge for ala-carte transactions. The Titan point of sale system will not allow students to charge ala-carte transactions. Milk by itself (when a student brings their meal from home) is an ala-carte transaction.

  • If a student brings their lunch from home and wants to purchase milk, they will need to have money in their meal account. Otherwise, the lunch from home should include something to drink. Water is always available.
  • Students eligible for Free or Reduced meals must have a complete meal for it to be at no charge. “Milk only” is not free and can only be purchased with cash or from funds in their meal account. There is no charging for milk only.

Parents are responsible for maintaining sufficient funds in their student’s meal account. Please use the family portal to monitor and manage your student meal accounts. If you have any questions please contact Kathy Pitzer, Food and Nutrition Services Manager, at or 541-757-5867.