Privacy and Internet Filters

Internet connectivity on all student devices is always routed through the school district's compliant internet filter (CIPA) ensuring student privacy and grade-level appropriate content. All students and parents must review and sign a responsible use of technology agreement form each year.

How is student privacy protected?

Before receiving their device, all students participate in digital citizen and cyber safety lessons and must sign a student technology use agreement. Digital citizenship lessons are age appropriate and include topics such as internet safety, privacy and security, cyberbully awareness and prevention, and information literacy. Similar to all rules and policies, there are ways that students may attempt to circumvent the filters for inappropriate use.

For more information about required filters see the links below:

What about inappropriate apps and content?

Objectionable content is screened out, as are social networking sites such as Facebook and Snapchat. Only district approved apps may be downloaded on student devices. While the District has the ability to monitor downloaded apps, it does not have the ability to view content within those apps. The District does not gather information that is sent to or from student devices.