History of DLI in Corvallis schools


Changing demographics at Garfield cause staff to research possible programs to meet the needs of the student population

2001 (spring)

School Board approves implementation of K-1 Dual Language Immersion at Garfield Elementary

2001 (fall)

Garfield implements DLI program with one kindergarten class and one first grade class.

2002 (spring)

School Board approves implementation of K-5 Dual Language programs and two kindergarten DLI classes to meet the needs of the growing ELL population.


Lincoln begins DLI program with one kindergarten class and one first/second grade class.


Linus Pauling Middle School creates a planning team and designs middle school DLI program to be implemented in fall 2006. Decision was made to continue program based on parent interest and best practice research.


First sixth grade DLI class begins at Linus Pauling Middle School.


DLI program expands to seventh grade at Linus Pauling. Not all students can be accommodated at the sixth grade level.


Two sixth grade classes of DLI are offered at Linus Pauling and program expands to eight grade. High school program planning occurs throughout the year.


First ninth grade DLI class begins at Corvallis High School.


With increasing English Language Learner (ELL) population at Garfield, kindergarten classes have a maximum number of Spanish speaking ELLs with no room to accommodate new ELLs.


Placement of ELLs at kindergarten while attempting to maintain a balance of native Spanish and native English speakers continues to be an issue at Garfield. Dual Language Immersion Task Force convened to recommend path forward for DLI program.

2012 (winter)

School Board adopts Superintendent Erin Prince’s recommendation to create school-wide DLI programs at Garfield and Lincoln Elementary, phasing in beginning with the 2012-13 school year.


Garfield and Lincoln begin phasing our English only classrooms and hiring more bilingual/bicultural staff.