Oregon law requires that children enrolled in public school be adequately immunized against diptheria, tetanus, polio, measles, mumps, rubella, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, and varicella.

Registration requirements

Per Oregon state law, immunizations are required for enrollment in Corvallis School District schools.  Please review the information below to be sure we have accurate information on your child’s immunizations so they may begin school.

  1. Immunizations are required by state law to be documented on the Certificate of Immunization Status (CIS). If this form is not in your registration packet, it can be picked up from the school office.
  2. Your child may not begin school without documentation that they meet the minimum requirements. This means that they must have at least one of each required vaccine for their age, or a non-medical exemption on file for each one.  Requirements by age/grade are available at the link below.
  3. If your child previously attended school within the United States, they have a 30-day grace period; immunization records from the previous school must be received within 30 days of enrollment date. If no immunization records are received within that time, your child will be excluded until records are received.  You may also complete the Oregon CIS if you know your child’s immunization history.
  4. If your child previously attended a school outside the United States, documentation of required vaccines must be received before your child may begin school.
  5. Immunizations are available through your regular family physician or the Benton County Health Department.
  6. You may request a non-medical exemption for your child. Please see the link below.

For any immunization related questions, please contact the Corvallis School District nurses.

The Oregon Health Authority provides resources for parents. Learn more about frequently asked questions on the OHA website.

Annual Reporting

The state of Oregon requires annual reporting on school immunization rates within 30 days of the first day of school and within 30 days after the February immunization exclusion day.

March 2024 reports, published May 6, 2024

Individual school reports are available at the links below.